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Long-Term Partnership Forms to Manufacture Components for Ventilators

Staub Precision Machine has joined forces with CERATIZIT USA and several other manufacturers to make components for ventilators. Staub received a multi-year contract for the project. The company partnered with CERATIZIT because of their extensive experience in the carbide production process, which has enabled the needed special-purpose tools to be developed quickly.

Located in Hamburg, New York, Staub Machine Company was founded in 1975 in Tony Staub's garage. Over the next 43 years, the company developed into an industry leader in precision machining. In 1995, Staub moved into an old "Super Duper" grocery store in Hamburg. Tony Staub decided to sell the assets of Staub Machine Company to Staub Precision Machine, Inc. to keep the company intact, innovating and growing.

Parts loaded in the machine (photo courtesy of Staub Precision Machine).



Today, the company supplies high-volume production to match the needs of customers, producing machine component parts for a number of manufacturers across the country, especially in Western New York.

In an effort to manufacture a part for ventilators, Staub Precision Machine used CERATIZIT reamers to perform a finishing operation of high-precision holes to size. The reamer was a solid carbide PCD tipped (polycrystalline diamond) with through-tool coolant diameter of .626" +.0005 - .0000. The material cut was aluminum and the production run quantity was 2,500 parts per week.

In addition, Staub designed and machined two tombstones as well as collets. There were 33 parts on each of the four sides of the tombstone in the machine and Staub made 132 parts at a time. The machine was running at 4900 RPM (revolutions per minute) and 78 inches per minute feed. The hole was only .250" deep, taking less than a second per hole to ream. In addition, the hole was sized .616" before reaming, leaving .010" of stock allowance. While the hole has a .0005" tolerance, the reamer cut the same size every time with a high mirrored finish.

The close collaboration between Staub and CERATIZIT was achieved thanks to Abrasive Tool. Located in Buffalo, New York, the company is a distributor of high-quality tooling solutions.

A close-up of the part with the holes being reamed (photo courtesy of Staub Precision Machine).



Jay Janca, distributor sales engineer, supplied Staub Precision Machine with the reamers, helped process the part and also coordinated delivery of several other parts. He and Tony Staub started this project on a Thursday evening in his garage with a set of drawings and a part he needed to make for a ventilator client.

Through Janca, he reached out to Chuck Somerville, CERATIZIT sales engineer and told him about the project. Quickly, Tony, Jay, Chuck and the staff at CERATIZIT worked on confirming details of the tool. CERATIZIT had an approved drawing at the beginning of the week and the reamers were shipped on Friday of the same week and in production the following Monday. This was just over a week after the initial discussion.

Staub machines run unattended for maximum productivity 24/7, so CERATIZT worked to make the process as smooth as possible. Tony was very happy with CERATIZT, saying, "I was amazed at how quickly they responded and the reamers produced a beautiful part. I am sure we will continue working with CERATIZIT in the future."

Another two companies joined CERATIZIT in the manufacturing of the ventilators -- Blackhawk Industrial and another manufacturer of precision metal components.

CERATIZIT products are distributed by Blackhawk, so the company helped connect CERATIZIT with their customer. Commenting on why CERATIZIT was chosen, sales engineer Mitch Vraja said, "We were asked to provide reamers because they know our quality and we had a quick delivery."

The Fullmax reamer (photo courtesy of Blackhawk Industrial).



Blackhawk Industrial is an industrial distributor in Brunswick, Ohio. The machining process performed by their customer company involved machining adapters. In order to ensure that the tool holding device could accommodate various types of cutting tools, CERATIZIT reamers were used to create a hole for better positioning.

Different cutting tools in the adapter were used on various machines. The tool involved was number 52M.57.0497, known as Fullmax -- DBGU -- Ø4,97 +4µ. The material cut was stainless steel.

The ventilators had to fit in a precise location, thus dowel pins were used to locate the mounting brackets to the mobile unit. In this process, five reamers were used to provide a true position diameter. The tool diameter of the reamed blind hole in stainless steel was .1958 +/- .0005. There were three holes in each bracket and over 10,000 brackets were made.

Blackhawk's customer blends old world craftsmanship with cutting- edge technology. Capabilities include precision turning, grinding, milling, automated assembly and inspection, semi-automated assembly, manual assembly and wire EDM. Additional capabilities are CNC machining, Swiss machining, machining ranges between 3mm and 66 mm and material neutral machining.

The company serves the automotive, hydraulics, sensor, recreational vehicle, plumbing, application, natural gas, firearms, off-road vehicle and medical equipment markets. Within the medical field, the company specializes in manufacturing small diameter components requiring strict tolerances and superior finish.

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